Let’s Fly with new author Matthew C. Martino

Let's Fly - Matthew C. Martino  - www.amazon.com

Let’s Fly – Matthew C. Martino – www.amazon.com

Ever wonder what makes an aircraft or helicopter fly? Some of those answers can be found in Let’s Fly by Matthew C. Martino. Matthew takes you from the ancient dream soaring in the clouds to the modern-day reality and explains how each of these marvellous inventions work. You will not only understand the deep satisfaction that pilots get from commanding an aircraft in flight, but you will get an idea on the inevitable risks involved. No matter what it is that fascinates you about flying – its promise of freedom, its beauty, its precision and science, or the prospect of adventure – you’ll find it all waiting for you in this book.

Martino says piloting is not as hard as some may think

Martino says piloting is not as hard as some may think

Matthew C Martino is a 21 year old UK resident of the Brentwood area of Essex with Zimbabwean roots. Aside from bring an author ,  his is also an actor and producer. Though he is a very busy man , I was able to catch up with his and ask a few questions about his book… CHECK IT OUT

1) What inspired you to want to start sharing the history of aviation with other

MM – It was the hardship I had faced trying to be a pilot, I found that instructors and aviation firms always charged for every bit of information and I just wanted to reach out to other aspiring pilots and avgeeks out there. I just want to see the whole world fly some day.

2. In writing your book, what did you find most difficult about the process?
MM – In writing its the ‘planning’ phase which is tough, you have to have a good plan and structure for the book to know how many chapters you want and how you aim to be able to make the book interesting and in the case of Lets Fly , also educational. I had to seek the advise of a pilot friend during this time who advised on the technical aspects.

3. How can Let’s Fly be applied to everyday life?
MM – I think Lets Fly can be applied to everyday life by looking at the beauty of life. In general , the book encourages we look at the beauty of flying and the advantages it brings. Lets Fly also opens up possibilities for anyone to fly and I think in everyday life the book can be used to inspire someone that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

4. How did you Zimbabwean roots along with your British upbringing contribute to writing this book?
MM – My passion for flying had began when I was in Zimbabwe where I did more plane spotting so I was able to apply my humble beginnings to being able to come to Britain where I collected model airplanes and also got to actually fly which I guess contributed to the more practical parts of the book.

5. What is the one thing you want people to take away from your book?
MM – I want people to take away the beauty of flying out of the book and I also want everyone to realise that it isn’t difficult to fly, if you know basic maths and science you can fly and even most health conditions are now acceptable especially for private pilots.


TWITTER –> https://twitter.com/M4tMartino

FACEBOOK –> https://www.facebook.com/LetsFly2012

Let's Fly - Matthew C. Martino  - www.amazon.com

Let’s Fly – Matthew C. Martino – www.amazon.com


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